Professional Photographer | Portraiture and Glamour | Events and Weddings | Baby Photography | Urban and Landscape.

Hi I’m Sharif, I was born somewhere, and then grew up, and along the way I went to a some prestigious university where I learned about important things, like student loans. Then I lived in different cities and worked for different companies and did different things.

Then I ended up where I am now; a simple man who loves making photographs and spending time with my wife and son. I am fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal stuff, stuff I love. I do hope to continue doing stuff for sometime now, this stuff is my passion and it’s called photography.

Some of the stuff I do are portraits, urban and street photography, event assignments and wedding shoots, I also love landscape and abstract photography. If you need any of that, then you can get hold me via e-Mail/phone on the contact Page. You can also see a guide price listing here. I am based in Southend, Essex

Photography is my passion; it’s not my bread & butter , I’d like to term myself as an enthusiast photographer.  I’m trying to build up my portfolio and require some models for modeling shots.  I’m not the usual run-of-the-mill type of glamour shooter, although I do enjoy them, I like to shoot people who display character, or are keen to experiment with new backgrounds, lighting, makeup, locations, and so on, but I will cater for any type of photography.

I have converted a spare room into a studio with a decent amount of fair lighting kit and backgrounds, so I can cater for models to have their shots taken there.  I also work with a make-up artist, and if need be can acquire her skills if required. I like to think I’m an easy going guy, I have other hobbies, I’m an ex-bodybuilder, love boxing and Muay Thai, but most of all I’m a person who loves being behind the camera, trying to take that one shot that was better or more creative than the last :-) I do quite a bit of post processing as well, but do not like overdoing shots, so they look overkill, but would like to think I have pretty decent Lightroom and Photoshop skills if needed. Get hold of me on here, Twitter @sradwanphoto or on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/SRadwanPhotography